We Digitize Businesses

From ideas to successful operations

Real Software history started in 2010 with online E-commerce and trading platform development. Since that time we have been constantly building up unique expertise in the application of software solutions for business development and it’s an honor to share this expertise with our clients by providing regular product updates.

Every new client becomes our strategic partner. All members of the Merkeleon team: developers, managers, designers and QA engineers are committed to the continuous success of our common endeavour.

Trust is the foundation for everything in our common business. Our team considers it to be the most valuable asset, which is essential for steady project growth. This is why we build trust-based relationships from our first contact with the client.

What We Do

Estonia & robust crypto commerce solutions

Real Software provides software for online marketplaces, auctions, crypto exchanges, crypto processing. We’re ready to support your individual ideas as well and implement them by customizing our ready solutions.

Another direction of our work is consulting. Merkeleon clients can always count on our advice in the area of trading and crypto solutions, including their marketing and legislation.

We’re always in touch with the customers and support them starting from the project launch and throughout its development. Our main goal is to provide products that make it easier to solve everyday business problems. Thanks to advanced business processes you will achieve increased productivity and thus cost reduction.