Branded solution for digital business and online auction platform

Whether you lean towards software for an online auction or marketplace, you get a full suite of tools to implement your dreams into an emolumentary blooming business.

Real Software Internet Auction Software encompasses contemporary technology, on-trend design, and stepped up performance. With more than a decade of experience, it has implemented its niche system for individuals, companies, and corporations, adapting their work to online use.

This product is well prepared for a launch, with opportunities for customization and modification. The management interface offers a balanced combination of simplicity and innovation. Plus, extra features, innovative modules, and instruments lift this soft to the market eminence where the creme de la creme reign.

Online Auctions

It is an online platform where users bid to win lots that are available for a limited time. Its prominent feature is its global nature that provides access to clients from any corner of the world, thus expanding geography and customer base. Real Software auction software uses a novel approach on the market for launching online auctions for any business. During more than 10 years of diligent endeavours, this flexible eCommerce program has yielded profit to customers worldwide, not merely establishing top-rated online auctions but also introducing great eCommerce trading portals in the mould of eBay.

Online Marketplaces

It is a platform that brings buyers and sellers together. Here, a seller posts information about a purchase, and a buyer participates in the announced competition, following the preset rules, like submitting applications, making price offers, concluding contracts. If you want to run an online marketplace, all you need is to apply to this manageable Real Software program. Among its central features are the security of transactions; a multitude of paying solutions, including crypto; user-friendly customizable interface; internal eCommerce inventory for promotion.


Novice and mature entrepreneurs can look through this classification of the auction software to choose something to their purse and liking.

Classic (English)

It is a familiar type of traditional auction software to buy and sell any goods or services permitted by the country of placement. With every new bid, a starting price increases. The auction is complete as soon as the time goes up. To make sure the outcome will be advantageous for the seller, they may set a reserve price, that is the minimum price a seller is ready to offer their products for.


In this auction software, the roles of buyers and sellers switch. Here, customers announce what they want to buy, and suppliers exhibit their offers. Thus, it is not buyers who try to outbid one another but sellers. The price slashes automatically, so no one can guess when it might occur.

Core characteristics

Core characteristics

Hidden price

This form of auction software presupposes that participants do not know the bets of other participants and their quantity. In some subtypes, a bidder offers the price only once. In others, participants are aware of the current maximum bid without any information about its bidder revealed. At the end of an auction, all bets are displayed.


This auction format is based on the price reduction. At first, an auctioneer announces an excessive starting price. If no participant is willing to purchase this lot at a given cost, the auctioneer shaves it until someone blows in to buy it. It is worth mentioning that you cannot state a reserve price.

Core characteristics

Core characteristics


It is the platform for a low bid auction. Here, a commodity or service goes at a minimum cost. Every bid is fixed, that is price development cannot be chosen by participants. Each of them has to pay a fee or buy a fee package to partake in the event of bidding. Every new bid relaunches a timer.

Unique bid

The key feature of this auction software lies in its singularity. It can be either the highest or lowest bid, depending on stated prerequisites. Participants offer their prices, preliminary paying contributions to bid. During this auction, a program shows the position of a partaker’s bid in relation to others’.

Core characteristics

Core characteristics


It is a bleeding-edge application to arrange auctions via the Internet. With this online software, in an auction, bidders and auctioneers come into contact with one another to obtain the most palatable conditions to cut deals.

With the implementation of Real Software Auction Software, you will get access to myriads of potential sellers and customers ready to cooperate and interact. This online software makes any auction available remotely, with a time limit regularly provided. Moreover, you can introduce various trading schemes, namely


Do you want to take a shot with this software and implement it into your online auction? To prevent any ambiguity that deters your success, study this guide on How To Create An Online Auction.

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