Gain competitive edge by assisting your agents with better customer analytics for seamless selling in a service environment without compromising customer and agent experience


Skill based call routing to effectively handle customers based on past interactions for better service / cross selling / upselling products
Manage user journey and enhance sales and customer service experience by creating a unified digital user profile across touchpoints that inform customer’s history and identifies personal engagement preferences
Deploy voice enabled AI bots across channels for customers to have a choice to seamlessly interact and shape differentiated service and buyer journeys toward a desired outcome, lowering costs, improving service, and generating sales
Use AI and Machine Learning based captured user data from across every digital and social touchpoint to understand and predict next steps towards best sales and service outcomes
Application of AI / Machine Learning techniques in Win-Back campaigns to effectively identify customers to be targeted or ignored. Integration of ML into these campaigns makes prediction about active customers in danger of becoming lost customers
Turn on the analytics to measure your transaction’s digital assisted experience and weigh it against conversation, CSAT and NPS in real time


As part of the initial consulting challenge, we figure out the business problem and how data can help in solving it. This approach helps in focusing analysis and tailoring research to ensure relevant and applicable results

To apply insights, we should use the right metrics. The right metrics should cover solving descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analytics questions

We always have the right systems which can help yield the accurate, reliable, and easy to understand data

We use data experts at all levels of Sales and Service data analysis. These data experts generally have a strong understanding of scope as well as its limitations so that they can create actionable insights

The analysis and results should be fittingly used to execute and deliver change within the company. The data should be well used to improve internal sales and service processes


We offer seamless, customer-centric sales and support across the customer life cycle.

Inside Sales: We enhance your lead generation and prioritization capabilities as well as improving customer acquisition and retention.

Sales Enablement: We work across order management, contract management, master data management, configuring, pricing and quoting.

Customer Adoption and Success: We offer customer onboarding, adoption and care (AI-powered). We provide training, product enablement and support, and upsell / cross-sell expansion.



250K / MONTH

Opportunity Calls Handled


Service Level Management With Abandon Rate Of < 5%


New Booking & Subscription Sales


Average Quality Scores On Both Internal And External Audit

$140K+ / MONTH

turn Reduction Through Service And Product Advocacy

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